Lift Web streams as RDF streams

Stream RDF stored in your disk

Highly configurable and extensible

TripleWave is a reusable and generic tool that enables the publication of RDF streams on the Web. It is independent of any specific engine implementation, and it can be fed with existing Web streams (e.g. Twitter and Wikipedia streams) or time-annotated RDF datasets (e.g. the Linked Sensor Data dataset). It can be invoked through both pull- and push-based mechanisms, thus enabling RSP engines to automatically register and receive data from TripleWave.

TripleWave is available in Github. Instructions about how to install and configure it are available in the documentation page. You can find additional material, such as publications and presentations, in the resource page.

TripleWave is open source, under Apache 2.0 licence

TripleWave was born as a collaboration between Politecnico di Milano and École polytechnique fédérale de Lausannea. Now the project is maintained by Politecnico di Milano, the University of Zurich and the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland HES-SO Valais-Wallis. Check here the list of contributors.